Clinic Tour

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Our friendly and caring receptionists will greet you and your pet in our warm, inviting lobby area where there is ample room for the various pets needing our hospital's services. We also have a "kiddie play area" to occupy those younger pet owners!

Exam Room

Our facility includes five full service examination rooms that are clean and cozy. Doctors, along with our experienced technicians, provide you with education and information necessary to optimize your pet's health.


The Treatment area of our hospital is well-equipped to provide routine medical care and routine/extensive dental procedures, as well as emergency care and hospitalization for patients who require those services and specialized care.

Treatment Kennels

Pets admitted to the hospital for hospitalization, routine care, or diagnostics, visit this area of the hospital for the day.

Surgery Suite

Our state-of-the-art Surgery Suite features a dedicated sterile surgery area with an attached recovery area. We have the ability to monitor your pet's anesthesia, pulse, respiration, oxygen levels and body temperature during the procedure to ensure a safe surgical experience.


Radiology is one of the busiest areas in our hospital. We are proud of our new Digital Radiology system which produces high quality results used by our doctors for prompt diagnosis for many of our patients.

Cat Condos

Each of our Cat Condos has a window that looks out over our exercise yard. This area has its own ventilation and air system, plus a Living Air Purifier to keep it clean and fresh.

Boarding Kennels

We offer both short term and long term boarding in a clean, climate controlled environment. Pets are leashed walked several times a day. We can also bathe your pet on the day of departure from boarding so you can enjoy a loving reunion with a happy, clean pet. Both small and large boarding kennels are shown here. We also have runs available (next page) for our larger patients. Please call and ask our friendly receptionists about our boarding rates and services - in addition to bathing, we also offer extra walks & playtime, tooth brushing and special boarding "2 in 1" kennel or run!

Boarding Runs

Our indoor runs are comfy, cozy for our larger and small pets alike! Most runs provide a 4' x 8' area for extra leg room and a raised grate for a comfortable bed. (pictured is Buster Wallace). This area has 2 high-powered pressure washers to keep each area cleaned and disinfected.

Presidential Suite

The Presidential Suite is reserved quickly, especially during the holiday season! Our clients with one or more larger breed dogs like this option! (pictured are Fannie Mae and Solo Gilbert)